torsdag 12. november 2009


Litt paff i dag. Har ikke sett noen flyvende svin enda.
Morgendagens store plan: brownies.

Hvis ikke det hjelper, så vet jeg ikke hva som gjør.

The story of Lepel

Lepel was a good boy.
Sometimes, he wanted chocolate.
He was skeptical to other humans, but he liked his friends and family a lot.

He liked animals as well. When he sat on a bench in the park he usually saw several dogs. He also liked cats, they were so free. And birds. Birds were probably his favorite, unfortunately it was very rare he got to pet a bird, but that was all part of the excitement. Neither could he fly. But he had learned to live with that, even though he had to try every now and then. Just for good measure... Usually, he fell. But he was used to it. He would get up again and brush the dirt off his clothes before he would watch up to where he had jumped from. After that, he looked at the sky. He liked the sky. It was so big. He wondered how it would feel like if the sky fell down and hit his head. Maybe it tickles?

He liked water. Especially the sound of it. he could lie on his back in the green grass, listening to water for hours. He also liked grass and green. He liked hot days, he liked cold days, he liked rainy days, he liked sunny days. Most of all, he liked calm days.

He liked hugs. He wondered why people didn't hug more. People should hug everywhere, all the time. Give a hug, and get a hug. It costs so little, yet it matters so much, he thought. He tried to give away hugs, but often people pushed him away. He didn't understand why. He tried to be nice. But people didn't understand. People understood money, but not very much more. This puzzled Lepel.

Lepel closed his eyes. All he could see was black. He liked black.