tirsdag 24. november 2009

معلومات اليوم

The Fula language of West Africa has an incredible number of words for cattle.

One small dictionary lists no less than 82 words, including guddiri 'bull without a tail', wudde 'cow without a tail', jaabuye 'cow with a large navel', lelwaaye 'cattle with eyes like a gazelle', gerlaaye 'cattle that is like a bush-fowl', happuye 'cow in milk after her calf has died', mbutuye 'cow whose calf has been killed so that she may be fattened', and other useful terms. A number of different types of cattle are distinguished by their horns: elliinge 'cattle with upright horns', gajje 'cattle with horns twisted back' (also called mooro), hippe 'cattle with horns drooping forward', hogole 'cattle with horns almost meeting', lettooye 'cattle with one horn up and the other drooping', wijaaye 'cattle with horns drooping towards the ears', tolle 'cow with one horn', and wumale 'cow without horns'.


أريد نوما الآن. و لكن أدرس شاق في الجامعة. لحسن الحظ أحصل على عطلة عيد الميلاد بعد غدا.