lørdag 14. november 2009

Benso's allergy

Banso liked Lepel very much. He had often tried to let Lepel know this, but as he discovered this was quite difficult. He could be jumping around making all sorts of weird sounds and talking to birds, even things. Just for the shear joy of it. But as soon as Lepel could see Banso, even from far away, Banso could do nothing. Nothing but lie there, just existing. He could not even move his eyes. This had annoyed Banso for quite som time.

The last time I heard from Banso, he told me that he was working hard to find a way to reach Lepel but that he sadly had not found a solution yet. Banso is usually the happiest person i know. I have seen him sad only once since I first met him. This is what he looked like when he found out he was allergic to flowers: